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      Established in October 2008, Hongxing Steel Company Limited is the pioneer vehicle of the Inner Galaxy Group. Located at the Amuwo Odofin Industrial Scheme in Amuwo Odofin of Lagos state since inception, this steel outfit prides itself in the production of ribbed reinforcement bars in various sizes. These are rebars used in the building and construction industry. Hongxing Steel directly employs  about 900 staff.  In terms of indirect employment, it offers jobs to over 3,000 people. These include the various suppliers of metal scraps which are the main raw materials for our business; the people engage in haulage/transporters of the scraps and finished products. From its  humble beginning producing at an annual rate of 25,000 MT of steel rebars in 2009 and rising to a production capacity of over 200,000 MT BY 2016, Hongxing Steel Company Limited can be ranked among the fastest growing private steel mills in Nigeria. Our customer base is spread across major cities in Nigeria as well as the West African coast. But our pride in what we do is that we are a “Waste to Wealth company”. Our main raw materials are the scraps littered all over the environment. We pay people to “clean up”, and from these scraps we make some of the best steel products that the West African sub-region can boast of.

      With teamwork, determination and good old hard work, the company has become a major player in the steel industry today. Soaring market shares as well as high demand for our products have become part of our progress as even more plans are being made to ensure that our products are finished at the best quality attainable as well as expand our current production capacity.

      Jobs Created
      MT steel rebars per annum