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    1. Resume
      Inner Galaxy Group is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage people of both genders to apply and if qualified to work for us. We believe in diversity in the work place and encourage from diverse backgrounds and cultures to work harmoniously in tha same environment. As a merit-driven organization, we also reward hard work, integrity and commitment.See below some of the opportunities available to work in our company.


      A steel producing company located in Abia State is currently in need suitably qualified candidates to fill available vacancies in various departments in the company. Applications are therefore requested from such candidates for the following positions:

      Administrative Officer:

      The candidate should be preferably male.
      Must be a computer literate, with the ability to work long hours

      Qualification:  Bsc in Business Administration or related field.

      Experience: 3-5 years in a manufacturing company
      Age: Between 28 and 32years

       Administrative Assistant:

      Candidate should be preferably female.
      Must be computer literate, able to use MS Office, Excel, Word, and Corel Draw. Should be able to work long hours, with minimum supervision, and must be an individual with a record of reliability and consistency.

      Qualification: Degree in any Business Administration or relevant management discipline
      Experience:  2-3years
      Age:  25 – 28years

       Mobile Crane Operator:

      The candidate must be able to operate a mobile crane of 1500t. He must be somebody that is smart,  intelligent and can work under pressure, without any supervision.
      The candidate must have experience in the related field, with a clean health certificate from a reputable hospital.

      Qualification: Any relevant professional certification
      Experience: 3-5years
      Age: 28 -35years


      Asst. Financial Analyst:

      Candidate can be male or female who is very much comfortable with figures.
      Candidate must be a trustworthy and dependable individual. He must have the ability to work with Excel statistically, and easily adaptable to any recommended financial software.

      Qualification:  Bsc in Banking & Finance or Accounting
      Experience:  2-3years
      Age: 25-28years


      Interested candidates should use application form to appy.
      Applications should be received not later than March 23, 2018.

      Application form